Fulfilled resolution.

Friday, 6 March 2009

One of my resolutions was to buy more art and since making that resolution I have purchased a Black Apple Print. One that is particularly special to me called The Little Knitter, special because I like to wrap scarves around my neck as I knit them, too.

I find art is a wonderful investment.
Free art, well that's even better.
Thanks to Readymade Magazine five artists were asked to recreate the Great Depression posters to fit modern life and they are all available for free download.
The posters are colorful, cheerful and uplifting.
In these hard times, free art just might save the day.

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Kira Petersson-Martin said...

Those posters are a really great idea... Too bad we live in the frozen tundra and can't grow **** until June-ish (to be safe... Sometimes we get frost in May!).

Anyway, I recently read that our province is recession-proof, basically, with 1% expected economical growth. The only province doing better is Saskatchewan, but 1.6%.

erica said...

i agree, free art is a wonderful thing.

it's definitely not recession proof in my town, although having two high powered universities helps...

yes to new art!

erica-knits said...

Kira, I know, will spring ever arrive?? Hmm, recession proof, that is good news. I hope they're right. Either way, cheerful art never hurts!

Erica, yes two world renowned universities would help. I hope your family is doing well. Congratulations!

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