Bella Mittens.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

I forgot to post on the blog about my Bella Mittens. I made them out of beautiful navy Lopi Alafoss, Icelandic wool. The wool is so authentic and scratchy, perfect for long cabled mittens. The pattern was really well written and great to use. So nice of Subliminal Rabbit to share. After I made them I did find out that the original mittens came from Ruth Cross, a brilliant knitter from the U.K.


Julija's wardrobe... said...

I love your Bella Mittens. The colour and wool is very nice!!

erica-knits said...

Merci beaucoup, Julija! J'aime ton blog beaucoup. Vous etes une inspiration!

erica said...

oh nice, they look so cozy!

i'm so glad i have a pair of mittens from you since matthew stole my other pair.

i love the longer length of the Bella mittens.

erica-knits said...

Thanks Erica, I'm glad you enjoy your mittens! It always brings a smile to my face. The longer length of the Bella mittens sold me on them, too.

monika said...

Wow, the mittens are so cute! I know how to knit but have a hard time finding patterns that I like enough to spend time knitting but these mittens and the hat makes me want to pick up the needles! I don´t want spring just yet!

Liz said...

As obvious from my post, I LOVE these! Well done! :)

PS: you have a lovely blog! its quickly becoming one of my favorites <3

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