Tuesday, 6 January 2009

First I found Katrina's, then there was Anabela, now Tumblr has gotten a hold of me, too.
It's like a quick reference to what is making my favorite bloggers tick.
It's also the best way for me to be in touch with the internet world at the moment.
Post are coming, but I am writing my big paper.
Eleven pages out of twenty and counting.
Eight days left.


anabela said...

Yeah! I was just adding stars to things in Google Reader but it was getting out of control.

My mother complimented me on my Anabela scarf today! xo

erica-knits said...

Your mother complimented the scarf! Yay! Mother compliments are the best. :) And, yes, Tumbler is just the easiest way to keep track of everything, and it does the linking for you!

erica said...

good luck finishing the paper! i need to go to bed now, but i'm feeling very much under the guns regarding a chapter that needs to be written this week. yikes! i'm glad to hear i'm not the only one writing away like mad during the post-holiday period.

katrina said...

so excited that you have a tumblr now! it's a quick way for me to keep track of my daily inspirations.
yourssss is great!

suzy smalls said...

erica, thanks for the kind words! my mittens have stayed beagle-free and are keeping me warm every single day. i get tons of compliments on them, too!

i looked through your tumblr- nice. good luck on your paper, and happy weekend!

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