Grandma's Scarf

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Oh friends, I feel like so much has past since I was last here.
This is a picture of the scarf I knit my Grandma "Honeybunch" for Christmas. It was my mother who picked out the pattern, she thought my Grandma would love it and the bright color. I ended up making this scarf pattern for all the mothers in my life: My two Grandmothers, my mom, and my boyfriend's mother, as well.
Two weeks ago my Grandma passed away.
My Grandma passed on her love of knitting to me, and I was so happy to knit her something before she had to go. Our love for knitting was something we shared and I am grateful for that.


copperseal said...

aw that is so sweet! you must feel so great that you had a chance to give her another wonderful memory.

Luke in Progress said...

off topic but we need to go here in.... erm... two years nine months.

aimlessambition said...

How are you doing? This was a very touching post, and the scarf was lovely.

Hey, teach me how to knit too! (Please) It's like diffusion, right? Or paying it forward. Or something. My grandma also knits, so I'd like to knit her something someday...
(This is Kira, btw)

Kate said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandma, but what a lovely last gift to give her.

Bea said...

It is so lovely that you could make this scarf for your grandmum, Erica. It is so special to have such a talent and tradition passed on in the family. I am a beginner knitter and I love it. I was looking for a cowl pattern on the internet and was lead to your site. I really want to make the one you have posted.Am not sure how to use circular needles though. Are they very different to use from the normal ones? Thanks for sharing the pattern and for the inspiration.

erica-knits said...

Thanks everyone for your condolences. She was a special woman.
Kira, Knitting night is every Sunday at 7:00pm!
Bea, the difference with circular needles is that for a stockinette pattern you simply knit all stitches. For a really great video tutorial I recommend knitting help videos:

That is how I learn most new techniques! Good luck! I think you'll enjoy knitting in the round. :)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog tonight.
I'm sorry about your Grandma.
Honeybunch; that is so darn sweet.
Gorgeous scarf.

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