Stylish Warmth

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

When I was younger I always hated getting into warm clothes, because I felt like bundling up was hardly stylish. I would pile on layers until I felt warm enough, but refused to wear sensible winter boots, and coats. Which probably explains why I've had frostbite on my poor little ears. It wasn't until I discovered Swedish and Finnish style blogs that I realized staying warm could look good. The girls of Tjesajten give the best description of Manitoba cold, and how to make it work.

I can't remember where this one is from, sorry.

Therefore, the first of my gift guides (why not!) will focus on the gift of warmth.

Suri Mittens. 200.00.
Pipsqueak Chapeau.
Include a snowball fight.

Cable Knit Scarf. 34.50.
American Eagle.
This is beautiful in person.
Include a trip to the skating oval.

A big cuddly red scarf is certain to keep a loved one warm.
Wikstenmade. Check Jenny's blog for details.
Include instructions on how to emulate this cute hairstyle.

The Hinterland Stole. 40.00.
Include a winter stroll for two with hot chocolate.Cable Knit Arm Warmers. 18.00
Urban Outfitters.
To brighten up the winter uniform.
Include a picture taking excursion.

Yarn Over Movement's Chunky Moss Cowl.
40.00. YarnOverMovement.
Include instructions on how to affect this attitude.Tall Grey Mukluks. 210.00.
Fleece Line. Made in Manitoba.
Include a hike in the snow.

Don't forget that a hand-knitted gift is perfect, too.
It's not to late to whip up these toast/toasty hand warmers.


Michele said...

The curse of the north. Those mukluks are divine.

yarnovermovement said...

honoured xo

erica said...

that flash of pink is marvelous! the only thing that keeps me cheerful in frigid temps is colorful clothing. those beautiful mukluks would also get me through the winter, i think.

i am so excited for jenny's winter collection. it all looks so cozy and charming.

anabela said...

Aw, thanks for the addition! You are a clever little curator -- I love the little pairings! You're making me appreciate winter somehow.

AnnaVallance said...

Great blog. I used to have mukluks when I was a kid.

Jessica said...

Lovely! I think these photos are really homey and cozy.

lisa said...

ohhh, i love scarves...i cannot believe that grey/cream one is from AE, it looks really expensive, thanks for sharing!
xoxo from las vegas

andrea said...

That mustard scarf (3rd photo down) is so inspiring. It marries 2 of my favorite things in a yarn: mustard and mohairy fiber! Must knit one for myself!!

erica-knits said...

I'm so glad you are all enjoying the guide!
Lisa, I could not believe it was from AE, either! It looks positively luscious.

Andrea- Isn't it great! You should definitely knit one up. I can't wait to see the result!

ed said...
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