Baby, It's Cold Outside.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Good morning!
What a morning to wake up to!
A common sight during prairie winters.
Thus, many of us spend our winters indoors!
The second gift guide will be all about the gift of
entertainment to keep your friends and family busy in the
wintertime. It's getting so close to Christmas, so the remaining gift ideas will be ones you can source locally. I hope, :)!

Settlers of Catan, from $30.00.Boys love boardgames. This one is really competitive but easy to learn; a nice break from Monopoly.

Knitting Kit, from 29.99 Pounds . Of course I would promote this one, :).
This one is from letterbox, but you could easily put one
together on your own. Include yarn, needles, an instruction book,
and other knitting goodies.

A beautiful journal. Around 34.00. For recording dreams, plans, and sketches.

The History of Love by Nicola Krauss. 14.00. Such a good book

Not to mention Twilight. If you know someone who hasn't read this series, it would make a great gift. The book holds up to the hype.

Pushing Daisies Season One. Around 30.00

I have yet to meet a single person who can't enjoy this show.

Keep warm!


erica said...

negative 24 degrees Fahrenheit?!?! and here i am feeling sorry for myself because it was 20 over the weekend. today it's over 60 degrees and ridiculous!

so bummed that pushing daisies was canceled. i loved the outfits, and just thinking about pie makes me happy :)

tiffany... said...

doesn't it feel so much more like the dead of winter than the beginning? goodness me!
we're still trudging through the remnants of that wicked ice storm... the school where the fella works is, still, without power (and it's a boarding school for high schoolers)!

but, moving on from that towards christmas! i love your gift guide! and am so glad you've included settlers of catan! we just got the game axis and allies... have you played that yet? it's so much more complicated, but really fun!

i hope you're able to stay warm and cozy lady!

tiffany... said...

and one more thing!
i should let you know that nearly every day my co- worker, paul, takes a look at the mittens you made... marvels at them... tries to decipher your pattern... and goes home and knits some... and then does the same thing the next day!
he's a big fan! (needless to say!)

erica-knits said...

Erica- I would take your weather any day! I don't know what I am going to do now that it's cancelled! I have already watched season one at least 4 times. :P

Tiffany! Long time! I heard about that ice storm, I hope the power gets turned on soon. I cannot even imagine how hard it would be to keep control at a highschool boarding school with no power, brave man. I haven't played axis and allies yet, I will have to try it out. Tell Paul I hope he figures them out! That is such a compliment! :)

katrina said...

LOVELY list.

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