To looking cute in the kitchen, and a day of remembering

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

(Picture from Calikartel)

My boyfriend sent me this picture this morning. Baking and fashion. Cute, no?
Oh, I am in a Christmas-y mood already.
I've been buying up a few gifts on etsy and stockpiling them away.
Other great news Mociun has an online store.
Wouldn't a girl look cute baking in this skirt?
I have been admiring this fringe scarf since posted the fall collection lookbook . Also, another beautiful post from Nikole on what it means to be a Canadian today.
Not to mention a preview of her Christmas shop.

Like Nikole mentioned today is Remembrance Day.
It is a day to remember our soldiers that have fought and died in World Wars I and II, and all the other wars, including the current battle in Afghanistan.
On Nov. 11 in the year 1918 an armistice was signed to end WWI.

It is worth remembering that 90 years ago today was the day meant to end all war.


andrea said...

Yes! I love Mociun! That skirt you posted is especially lovely.

little rogue said...

I really love your style. That skirt is hot. I love the idea of feeling sexy while your bake, double the deliciousness.

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