Head to Toe

Monday, 24 November 2008

Inspired by cute Swedes.
I threw an oversize blazer over my dress, grabbed a scarf, threw my hair up and headed out the door.
This is also so I can show off my new earrings. :)


anabela said...

I love it! Everything is lovely! I cannot resist the colour grey! Your hair looks very sophisticated that way.

natalie said...

Those socks look SO WARM. I LOVE those earrings!

PS. Wonderful blog :)

erica said...

lovely new earrings, and i agree, you look very put-together with your hair up. i am starting to really want to trim my bangs instead of growing them out. feeling so blah!

katrina said...

holy cow your socks!
you are the greatest.

colleen said...

love your outfit erica! are these the cottage slipper socks? i've been meaning to knit a pair of these for myself. they look so warm and cozy.

erica-knits said...

Oh thanks everyone! I never wear my hair up so this was a change. Thanks for the positive reinforcement! :)

Anabela, oh I cannot resist grey either. :)

Natalie, I just realized our boyfriends (poss. your husband?) share names! Lukes are pretty amazing.

Erica, oh I hate the hair "blahs." The good thing about bangs is that they are a tiny trim with a big change!

Katrina, thanks. :)

yes they are the cottage slipper socks! Do try them, they are the best instant gratification ever.

jo said...

oh, you look lovely!! nice scarf and blazer!

erica-knits said...

Thanks Jo! I enjoy reading your blog so much.

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