Plaid Scarf

Monday, 20 October 2008

Ever since the August Totokaelo fall products went up I have been dying for a nice plaid scarf to wear to death. Unfortunately, my student budget could not handle the price of their scarfs so I had to fend for myself.
Low and behold, while at Fabricland I stumbled across this perfect plaid wool.
At first I was going to make it into a dress, but then inspiration struck!
Why not a scarf?!
The Inspiration:


Anabela said...

Nice! It always feels so much better to just do it yourself!

katrina said...

gosh! you are so great with this stuff
i've been looking at an inexpensive plaid scarf too
there are a few that i have found that are decently priced!
they always inspire me way too much.

Kirsten said...

What an awesome idea — you've inspired me to get down to the fabric store and make (instead of just buy) some new accessories. Thanks for the post!

Fleurr De Lux said...

I did the same last winter!! I made mine a giant square that sort of eats my face. . . Cute!
PS. Thanks for the nice comment, what a great blog!

Valerie said...

hold the phone. you found that at fabricland? there's one near me. i need to go asap.

April said...

Wonderful! I'm lazy, however, and am buying this cheap Forever21 version:

porter hovey said...

I just love it! This exactly why I love fall!!

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