The Anabela Scarf

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

While these days it can be cheaper to buy a scarf than to make one, there's still nothing like one that is homemade. Inspired by Anabela's love of lace, Jenny's post filled with textured knits, and most of all by the need for bulky warmth during Canadian winters!
This scarf has a lot of texture and as a bonus it is really simple to knit.
Simply, down the center is a forward cable on a six row repeat surrounded by seed stitch.

You will need:
10mm Straight Knitting Needles
2 Balls of Lion Brand Thick and Quick Wool
or other bulky yarn
Cable needle

Cable pattern between **
Pm=place marker. This will divide your cable stitches from the seed pattern stitches.
C4F=cable four forward.
Watch the video for a how-to. Don't be afraid, it is so easy if you can knit!
Cast on 18 stitches.
Row 1:
K1, P1, k1, p1, k1, p1, k1, pm, *k4*, pm, k1, p1, k1, p1, k1, p1, k1.
Row 2: Pattern outside the asterisks stays the same for all rows.
k1, p1 six times then k1. cable pattern. k1, p1 six times then k1.
Row 3: *C4F*
Row 4: *P4*
Row 5: *K4*
Row 6: *P4*
Repeat pattern until scarf reaches desired length.
Mine is just over six feet.
Bonus: It's so bulky it can be folded into a makeshift pillow. :)


Anna Allen said...

This is super cute! I may have to try this. Need to get myself back into knitting again! :)

hibou said...

Great scarf! And I mean, hey, if it doubles as a pillow...

$bash said...

this is such a cool scarf! is it worth attempting it as a novice knitter do you think?

erica-knits said...

Do it! It is so worth attempting. The cable might be tricky but that's why I put a link to the video on knitting help. Plus, the wool is so big you'll be done in no time.

Anabela said...

AAAHHH!!! Oh my goodness! What an honour. I think I have to practice my knitting so I can make one for myself! It is very sweet and looks so cozy!

amanda k said...

I'm almost halfway through my Anabela scarf and already in love. Beginner knitters, never fear -- this is only my second project and it's going great! Thanks so much for the pattern! It's going to be great in DC winter :)

羅志祥Little Pig said...

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Vivian said...

Would this be suitable for a man? If not can you reccomend a pattern?

ElizabethGS said...

actually I think it's perfect for both genders, even in the off-white Aran - but you could also make it in another colour if you're concerned, such as grey, tan, navy, etc. (more 'masculine' colours). Wouldn't it be gorgeous in a burgundy? I'm DEFINITELY going to knit Erica's patterns - this and the cowl, as gifts. These are absolutely MY taste. So excited about getting back to my knitting, now. Thanks, Erica!

Anonymous said...

I do the scarves all kinds of yarn and I just double them And just knit all the way through till it is done. I do about 26 inches long and use 26 stitches to start with. I am working on some for girls and boys at my school for Christmas. So I am planning on 12 for girls and 12 for the young men. I use size 11 needles. Everyone enjoys them. Michelle

Anonymous said...

I have looked and looked and can find no video showing the c4f. also the pattern is confusing with the row 2 instructions. I dont have enough stiches to jj1,p1 6 times plus do the cable and k1,p1 6 more times. cAn you help?

erica-knits said...

Hi! Here's a video on C4F:
It doesn't have sound, but it will give you a good idea. Eunny Jang does a great video on cables, as well:

For the second row, you will have 18 stitches. That means 7 stitches on either side of the cable, which is four stitches. So: K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, Four cable stitches, K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1, K1.
Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

how do we cleverly conceal the yarn add ons when we finish a ball?

Anonymous said...

In row 2 the 4 cable stitches, it says cable pattern. What is do I with these 4 stitches in row2? Do I cable 4 forward???

Carmen Paisley said...

I love the look of the this scarf! I have knitted cable items before and have had to use a cable needle either in front or back. The directions are really confusing me. Ii want to get started right away. I do not understand exactly what to do on row 3. What IS the cable pattern? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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