Fall Flickr Inspiration

Sunday, 21 September 2008

1. braids, 2. Untitled, 3. my birthday cake, 4. Potato stamps!, 5. i haz a pretty face!, 6. fall supplies, 7. alibosworth_20080501_03_02, 8. challah, 9. Untitled

I still love crazy braids piled on top of the head, aren't they so beautiful. There is also nothing like sitting on a porch or stairs enjoying a good cup of tea on a crisp fall morning. Not to mention, the beautiful chocolate birthday cake that would make anyone smile. Potato stamp hearts are so adorable, maybe on a notebook, Lena style? Oh, russian dolls make even better pillows. A fall supply kit? How adorable. I hope we get to see what the orange wool becomes! Can't get through fall without a scarf, and this lace one is beautiful... not to mention her red hair. Challah is so intricate, I want to bake bread more often. And an acorn on a string.


ambika said...

Oh, the shot of braids is too wonderful. The whole collection is just calm & lovely.

Grace said...

I love this inspiration board -- not just the photos (which are awesome, especially that adorable acorn at the end) but the way you composed it. So tranquil and lovely! I came across your blog the other day and I'm really enjoying it.

The reason I'm commenting is that I work for Matchstick, a word of mouth marketing company, and I'm looking for young, hip female bloggers in Canada to sample a new perfume we're promoting (it's not even in stores yet). From what I see on your blog, I feel like you'd be a great fit. If you're interested, there's a short qualifying survey and then we send you free perfume and ask for your opinion! If you're up for it, please contact me at grace@matchstick.ca

I hope to hear from you, and either way, good luck with the blog and keep up the awesome blog.


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