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Monday, 18 August 2008

Blankets as poncho like accessories.
I've noticed it twice it the past month from two very trendy sources. The first being APC; they styled a plaid blanket as a shawl over one of their looks, and of course they sell the blanket as well.The second person to sport this look was Susien Chong, one half of the genius behind Lover, in the nesting article in the August 2008 issue of Nylon.Not to mention this article from the StyleFile blog on Style.com.
What do you think?


Anabela said...

I do that around my apartment every fall & winter. But to be honest, I wouldn't leave the house like that. Toronto ain't ready for that kind of free spirit 'tude!

erica said...

humanoid also has a few lovely blankets as shawls in their latest collection.

when i was in ecuador, i bought a tightly woven navy wool blanket/shawl to wear in exactly that fashion. i was inspired by all the older women wearing them over their blouses, velvet skirts and oxfords. not to mention their fedora hats!

but honestly, i don't really think this is an easy look to pull off. the main problem with huge shawls/blankets for me is that they're hard to keep on.

erica-knits said...

Anabela, what a great apartment "look." But I agree, hard to wear out of the house. Like Erica said, blankets would be very hard to keep on! I don't think it would look very effortless.
Erica, I am really jealous that you went to ecuador. wow! The ladies there sound beautiful.

erica said...

the ecuadorian indigenous women are truly a sight to behold! they are so tiny, and i just loved their sense of style. a completely bizarre and unexpected combination of old-fashioned menswear and decadent beading, lace, and sequins!

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