Summer Flies By...

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

I hope everyone is enjoying their summers!
My week working at camp was fantastic, my campers were so great. However, I definitely have a intensified appreciation for teachers and all that they do. Being responsible for thirty kids is as tough as it is rewarding. The camp was also really neat because it had both American and Canadian campers so I learned about the little things we do quite differently. For example, Americans do not have Ketchup chips, 30 degrees outside means a very cold day to an American, and Canadians will tell you to arrive "for" twelve o'clock, not "at" twelve, not to mention "Where is the washroom?" got me a few funny looks.
Funny how close we live to each other and yet we still have our own uniqueness.
This week is already flying by and next Saturday I'm going back to camp.
In the meantime I am listening to this, brushing up on my marketing skills, wishing I could do this, and most of all wishing that this jacket wasn't already sold out in medium/large.


katrina said...

welcome back! i'm glad you enjoyed yourself!
my summer is going well.

erica said...

how funny, i just returned from a long vacation and saw this parka in the catalog and thought of you!

sounds like you're having a fantastic time at camp. i wish i had gone more often when i was little, although maybe it would be more fun now that i'm older.

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