Sunday, 1 June 2008

I watched Sharkwater last night and I was blown away. It is a documentary made by Rob Stewart a young film maker and biologist. I learned so much about these beautiful creatures, that they have survived five extinctions, that they do not eat humans, that we need them in the ocean for our survival, and that they are very endangered.
Sharks are valuable for their fins which are cut off to be made into Shark Fin Soup which is a very prestigious dish that can sell for $90US a bowl. The sharks fins are cut off and then thrown back into the water where they bleed to death and die.
At first I could watch the sharks get hooked because I thought "they're just ugly fish" but this film taught me to respect sharks, even care for them, and by the end of the film I found it so graphically heartbreaking I had to look away.
I recommend watching this film if only just to learn about the beauty of these creatures that have survived on this planet much longer than us.

I loved hearing what would be in your "Daring book":
magical chocolate chip cookies (yummy!)
building a secret world inside of a box
how to make a camera obscura ( I had to look this up!)
how to french braid hair (I was so proud when I could do this on myself)
make clay beads (good idea)
cats cradle
snow flake cut outs
friendship bracelets lots and lots of friendship bracelets (of course Kate!)
how to properly start a campfire (always good to know)
make your own tea (oh that would be amazing)
bake bread :)
how to climb a tree (I'll have to take a picture of my favorite climbing tree)
how to make your own moccasins (beading and all! wow!)

Thank you so much for sharing! I think I still have to learn some of these skills.


Jessica said...

these photographs are stunning. I should have watched this!

Joanna Goddard said...

ooh very cool, i want to see this movie!

david santos said...

Excellent work, my friend, excellent!
Happy day

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