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Monday, 26 May 2008

The Daring Book for Girls by Andrea J. Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz... but more on that later.

I must first apologize for my impromptu and unannounced extend blogging break. I've been busy. For the second year in a row I'm involved with a program called E.M.M.A. which aims to enhance self-esteem and relationship building skills in girls from grades seven to ten. We meet with the girls in their separate age groups and discuss things like bullying, the media's message, and journaling. Our wind-up is tomorrow night and I'm bringing cupcakes!

As well, I've been taking my one and only spring course, The History of the French Language. I have been in spring/summer school since I finished high school. After high school I went to a intro to fashion design camp in Toronto, the next summer I took Intro to Fashion Styling and Intro Photography at Ryerson University in Toronto, followed by five weeks of French immersion at Laval University in Quebec City. Last summer I took three French classes in two months in order to speed up my minor. This year one is enough. I love school, as you can probably tell, and I love to be busy and learning new things, but my brain needs a break. So I'm looking forward to three months of just working and hopefully lots of fun!

I already have a huge list of things to accomplish, for example, making a simple quilt. Any tips would be appreciated.

Back to the "Daring Book for Girls." The library where I work just got this book in through my request. I thought this book was such a wonderful idea; it is filled with little information tid bits on things that school aged girls should know/try. The book was inspired by the Dangerous Book for Boys, which was written in hopes of dragging boys away from tv and video games and back outside. The contents range from jump rope games to friendship bracelets to female spies to making a lean-to.

I am just curious, what would you include in your "Daring Book for Girls?"
Mine would have to have knitting, how to make forts inside on rainy days, and the perfect cupcake.


katrina said...

i have flipped through this book before and been very interested!
mine would include, magical chocolate chip cookies, building a secret world inside of a box, how to make a camera obscura, etc.

Kate said...

how to french braid hair, make clay beads, cats cradle, snow flake cut outs, and of course friendship bracelets lots and lots of friendship bracelets.

Monica said...

definitely how to properly start a campfire, make your own tea and bake bread :)

erica said...

ooh, a camera obscura, nice idea!

my greatest regret is never learning to climb a tree. i would also include making your own moccasins (beading and all!).

Michelle said...

how to steer a canoe, make a lattice pie crust and hem pants (still don't know how to do that last one!).

K said...

double dutch...I never learned how to do it without falling on my face :(

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