Ups and downs.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

What an up down day. Woke up to snow... Where is spring? Then I received my Ebay bag in the mail and I just love it, I even received the new issue of Nylon!

But, then my car was rear-ended as I went to pick up tea and TimBits for my study group. *sigh* These things happen.

But, there is new Grey's Anatomy tonight and tomorrow at this time I will be done my third year of university. So things are looking up.

These are cheering me up:

1. slightly chilly and gloomy today, 2. wish that was me right now, 3. Today, 4. On the corner, 5. one of each kind of cupcake from our bakesale!, 6. Gainsbourg-Bardot 03, 7. Looking for inspirations!!, 8. picnic, 9. favourite granny boots, 10. Halloween 2001, 11. JW, 12. Scarf Love., 13. There's always money in the banana stand., 14. prepping for a cool Sunday!, 15. Capitol Hill, Seattle, 16. Downtown Seattle, 17. Inspired by a Humanoid Sweater from Impulse Seattle, 18. crochet,crochet..., 19. hearts, 20. tova dress, 21. tova dress in gray-brown wool, 22. alison and emily, domino, 23. easter owls, 24. Untitled, 25. Untitled, 26. Lyell Spring and Summer 2008, 27. rainy day outfit, 28. Untitled, 29. Pink Pearl Cuff, 30. Pink Crochet Tiara Necklace, 31. scout, 32. Paper Chain - Carl Tait, 33. UrbanSM_014, 34. UrbanSM_034, 35. purple, 36. Cassidy Necklace


elly said...

oh erica, i've also been having such up and down days lately, so I feel your pain. i hope you have an all good day tomorrow. can't wait to see you sporting the purse!

Berry said...

Oh you have new GA tonight lucky you, I wonder when they're going to show it here... I totally relate to this state of mind and hope your ups will outweigh the downs very very soon!

erin said...

oh geez, car accidents are the worst... someone hit me a few weeks ago too. but you're doing an excellent job of looking at the bright side! and congratulations on finishing 3rd year!!

janice said...
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janice said...

oh my god, thank you so much for including my necklaces and things in this post! i'm so honored--i'm a big fan of your blog.

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