School is (almost) out for Spring!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Manitoba is finally warming up, and school is finally winding down. Now it's just five exams and I'm finished until my summer classes begin! (That's right, summer classes.) I've just been relaxing, sewing, writing the last papers, and reading for fun! I cannot wait for the tea party swap hosted by Katrina of Small Souvenirs to begin, my mind is going crazy with ideas. Don't worry, there is still time to sign up!
I cannot wait to share pictures of my last sewing project with you, but as I use a film SLR, I still have to finish the roll.
Instead I will leave you with two new (to me) fashion blogs.
Fashion Toast, I love her flower print dresses and sky-high heels with everything. Oh, and the cute gray skirt she is wearing is made by my next new favorite.
That would be Childhood Flames, she makes her own puff skirts, aren't they cute?!


Jessica said...

the girl in the bottom has the most amazing outfit on..she looks like a giant.

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