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Friday, 25 April 2008

Thanks for the nice comments, it is really nice to know on a bad day that there is people that care. In fact, nothing cures a bad day faster than knowing you are all out there. (The bag picture is for you Elly!) Things are looking up today, my car is already fixed (!), I finished my last exam, made cupcakes, bought some linen fabric, and I am going out to celebrate the end of another school year tonight! I thought I would share what I'm wearing out:
Jacket H+M (Summer 06)
Dress Gap (Fall 07)
Boots Aldo
Bag Ebay
Scarf Ebay

Have a great weekend!


Monica said...

awww...i'm sorry to hear you got in a little accident :( it sounds like you were more ready than most for the weekend! with that new bag and a new issue of Nylon (i got Martha and Alarm on Thursday for my weekend), you are ready to unwind!

cottontree said...

Yay for happy, lovely good things! :)

erica said...

glad that things are looking up again. congrats on finishing another year of school. i hope you have some fun summer plans.

Michelle said...

Good to hear that today was better - I'm definitely of the "cupcakes make everything better" school :-) Also, hurray for finishing exams!

elly said...

the bag (and you) are fabulous! thanks for showing the bag off. that sounds like the makings of an awesome day. after the previous day, you especially deserved it.

Luke in Progress said...

That girl looks kinda familiar.
She obviously must have great taste in footware.

Alice said...

what a cuuute bag, just perfect :D

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