I Won!

Friday, 18 April 2008

I finally won an auction on ebay... alright, alright... I was the only bidder (which does make me nervous Anabela!, also her flickr is a terrible influence for savings accounts :P) . I have wanted a little sling purse for awhile now, so when I saw this one it just had to be mine. Plus, it's vintage Roots which was until recently, a Canadian company and made in Canada. Now I just have to be patient until it arrives!


Anabela said...

Tee hee! That purse is great! When I was a kid I wanted a pink leather Roots jacket so badly. I think I settled for a red logo sweatshirt. Oh the '80s.

You know, ever since I had Geoff change my PayPal password and keep it a secret, I haven't bought anything in weeks! I am not expecting a single thing in the mail! It's a little weird.

But yeah, that purse is so pretty. I love that colour. I keep seeing other people carrying around honey leather bags and it makes me jealous.

Stephanie said...

Nice score! I never got into the roots logo in the 80s- I was a club monaco ho. haha

erica said...

such a pretty bag, it'll be perfect for summer! the color is really gorgeous. i have yet to find anything as nice on ebay...

katrina said...

so very very nice!

erica-knits said...

Thanks everybody for the purse love. I cannot wait until it arrives! I'd searched "brown vintage leather bag" on ebay more times than I can count. This one finally struck my fancy and my price range!

Anabela: I love mail so much, I think that is why I order things.
Maybe if you can't order things for awhile your flickr won't be so tempting... :P

Stephanie: I have this older cousin and when I was little I would get her hand me downs, which was awesome because she was an only child so they were actually good, and once there was a sweater from Roots, and Club Monaco. It was like a gold mine!

Erica: thanks! I agree, ebay is really hit and miss. Also it is getting so expensive these days.

Katrina: Thanks! Hey, did you get the package I mailed you?

katrina said...

i just got the package you sent me today! thank you so much. you are so so nice. i am going to wear that bow pin on everything. sweaters, coats, hats, everything! and also i just got a clear teapot for flowering tea, and i'm finally able to finish books in one sitting. everything you sent is lovely :)

Monica said...

what a fabulous goodie to reward your hard work and essay writing :) good for you, lady! if there's anyone that deserves something so pretty and fabulous, it's the amazingly awesome you!

ed said...




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