Dior Shoes, aka best thrift find ever

Monday, 28 April 2008

Dior shoes, originally uploaded by erica_knits.

Sometimes it pay to look in the men's department. Size 7.5 men's dress shoes just happen to fit the same as a size 10 women's shoe. The soles are scuffed with wear, but the tops are pristine and loved. The best part is the mark price on the sole $499.00, but they were mine for $7.99.

I need your help though, what should I wear them with?

Anatomy of a cupcake

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Vanilla cupcakes (totally a BettyCrocker mix), real whipped cream, sliced strawberries,
and finally a semi-sweet chocolate drizzle. I had to make them two days in a row due to popular demand.

On the up!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Thanks for the nice comments, it is really nice to know on a bad day that there is people that care. In fact, nothing cures a bad day faster than knowing you are all out there. (The bag picture is for you Elly!) Things are looking up today, my car is already fixed (!), I finished my last exam, made cupcakes, bought some linen fabric, and I am going out to celebrate the end of another school year tonight! I thought I would share what I'm wearing out:
Jacket H+M (Summer 06)
Dress Gap (Fall 07)
Boots Aldo
Bag Ebay
Scarf Ebay

Have a great weekend!

Ups and downs.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

What an up down day. Woke up to snow... Where is spring? Then I received my Ebay bag in the mail and I just love it, I even received the new issue of Nylon!

But, then my car was rear-ended as I went to pick up tea and TimBits for my study group. *sigh* These things happen.

But, there is new Grey's Anatomy tonight and tomorrow at this time I will be done my third year of university. So things are looking up.

These are cheering me up:

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I Won!

Friday, 18 April 2008

I finally won an auction on ebay... alright, alright... I was the only bidder (which does make me nervous Anabela!, also her flickr is a terrible influence for savings accounts :P) . I have wanted a little sling purse for awhile now, so when I saw this one it just had to be mine. Plus, it's vintage Roots which was until recently, a Canadian company and made in Canada. Now I just have to be patient until it arrives!

coffee cup sleeve

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

coffee cup sleeve, originally uploaded by erica_knits.

My first "White Space Wednesday" contribution. It also happens to be a hand knit coffee cup sleeve. It was a fun little project to practice cables and now I will no longer burn my hand on hot tea! I actually found the link to the pattern on Ravelry, it's a handy little resource for knitters.

The Fisherman Sweater

Saturday, 12 April 2008

So you're probably thinking, isn't it Spring? Why is this post about sweaters?
Well it is, and this post is about sweaters for no other reason than they have caught my imagination. In fact this whole obsession started when I saw the Perfect Vacation Clan Sweater. I'd been linked to the PV sight by many blogs, and while I love their little flower print dresses for spring, I love the clan sweater more.
Aran Clan sweaters first originated in the Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland. The sweaters consist of elaborate cable patterns, each with a certain significance. The sweaters were large and knit from a white wool called bainin. The natural oils in the wool served to absorb moisture but keep the wearer dry and warm. Therefore, perfect for the fishermen of the isles.
They were called Clan sweaters because the elaborate patterns signified which family the wearer was a part of. These patterns were guarded and past down from generation to generation.
I did some searching online and found a site called Clan Aran Sweaters where I was able to track down the sweater for the "Smith" clan, which is my family... Well, if we were to be from Ireland.
My favorite quote from the description has to be: "This surname is famous for being ordinary."
Yeah, yeah I know...
Doesn't it look cozy?
I love how the sleeves are rolled up. I'm picturing black tights, maybe a belt if it could get around the bulk, and some fabulous heeled oxfords. Or like this girl from the face hunter.
Ok, now we can return to spring.

School is (almost) out for Spring!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Manitoba is finally warming up, and school is finally winding down. Now it's just five exams and I'm finished until my summer classes begin! (That's right, summer classes.) I've just been relaxing, sewing, writing the last papers, and reading for fun! I cannot wait for the tea party swap hosted by Katrina of Small Souvenirs to begin, my mind is going crazy with ideas. Don't worry, there is still time to sign up!
I cannot wait to share pictures of my last sewing project with you, but as I use a film SLR, I still have to finish the roll.
Instead I will leave you with two new (to me) fashion blogs.
Fashion Toast, I love her flower print dresses and sky-high heels with everything. Oh, and the cute gray skirt she is wearing is made by my next new favorite.
That would be Childhood Flames, she makes her own puff skirts, aren't they cute?!

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