Sunday, 16 March 2008

So during my weekend of writing papers I got bored and started searching the net for inspiration. During my search I found YarnOverMovement by a very hip and stylish lady by the name of Tara Lynn. (via FieldGuided and Tiffany)And this is the best part, she has a pattern for knitted fannypacks! Which of course I bought in a flash. (it was on her etsy, and I bought the last one but maybe she'll post it again.) She pulls it off completely so I hope I can do the same. Meanwhile, my boyfriend is totally rolling his eyes and saying "Yay, now we can fulfill our dream of going to six flags". Whatever, she looks fabulous! (also he hasn't seen it yet.)

serenading bunnyfish, originally uploaded by yarnovermovement.


Anabela said...

I think these are so amazing. I want one (although I still don't know how to knit). I love clothing/accessories with humour.

This one made me look around for a fanny pack sewing pattern, but no luck (well, I found some but they weren't that nice): http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=7499124

yarnovermovement said...

thanks for the shout out cutie...
your boyfriend is kinda right, because you should definitively wear this on vacation, but also, on a bike, on a subway, on a train, at a bar, out dancing hands-free, ect & ect...its endless, anyhow even the london edition of nylon had a thing on fanny packs, never out of style, just under-estimated!!
muah xo

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