Dreaming of Spring

Monday, 10 March 2008

Spring has not yet arrived here in Manitoba but that hasn't stopped me from dreaming about new spring clothing. I'm loving the full skirts at Wren, flower prints, and draping knit cardigans. Click on the pictures for links to their original locations.
1. Adnama Dress from my favorite Swedes.
2. Handmade skirt from The Cherry Blossom Girl.
3. Silk Scarf Skirt from Urbn.
4. I found a pattern like this cardigan from Lion Brand!
5. Wren , I love the styling.
6. Twinkle Knit Vest from flickr and Ravelry.
Also, Katrina of Small Treasures is blogging about her artistic friends all week, check it out. She is also the girl I can thank for introducing me to wolvesatthedoor on flickr, thanks! And stay tuned with Ah-yi because this week she is going to post more about her braided scarves!


katrina said...

i LOVE wren's spring line. i wish i could buy all of it.
thanks for the blog mention! :) and you're welcome for the introduction! i love her too, she just added me one day and i've been drooling over her pictures and where she lives ever since.
your mail will be on its way this week!

erin said...

lovely choices! i'm hooked on florals too, which is kind of unlike me but there are so many nice ones this year...
also, can you believe those moderniteter girls are only 16 and 18? i'm excited they've started translating their posts, but that was a shocker for me!

erica-knits said...

Katrina, I can't wait!
Erin, I know what you mean, usually I'm not one to jump all over florals, but I'm catching on. As for the moderniteter girls yeah I am so impressed by them and the fact that they're so young!

Michelle said...

I know exactly what you mean about wishing for lighter clothing - everyone is posting about adorable little dresses and I'm still wandering around in a heavy winter coat! I'm sure spring will reach Manitoba and Quebec one of these days... ;-)

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