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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

My trip to London was absolutely fantastic. I went to London for Reading Week (the Canadian equivalent of Spring Break, but certainly not in Spring) with my university's History Club. Yes, you heard me right, the History Club. I fully admit to being smack in the middle of my dorky phase. The trip consisted of many museums, landmarks, and palaces. I did do some shopping on my nights off but it certainly wasn't the priority of the trip... too bad.

Things I learned in London:
-Walk on the left, but stand on the right side of the escalator. If you do not abide by this you will get mowed down by men in business suits.
-Talk quietly, and use all your manners. The Brits are polite!
-Mind the Gap. Anyone who's been on the Tube knows what I'm talking about.
-Don't pack two large suitcases and expect to have an easy time at a hostel... 5 flights of stairs people, not good.
-Drink as many fruit smoothies as you can, they are fantastic!
-Go to the V&A (The Victoria and Albert Museum) It was definitely my favorite museum on the trip. Full of British History, especially textile history and it is really interactive.
-Bring cash. The exchange rate is so terrible it's better if the cash is already converted. That way you don't have to double all the prices as you put them on your credit. Yikes!
-Ignore all signs in Hyde Park except for the maps. They lie!!
-When you get off the tube at Whitechapel station and it says "Beware of Muggings in This Area," get right back on the Tube. Seriously, don't go. Especially at night. We did.
-Go to all the museum's cafes and restaurants. They are usually quite reasonable and absolutely delicious.
-Don't get sick! I had to miss one day because I couldn't get out of bed. I was so sad.
-Primark. It's really cheap, but unfortunately looks really cheap too.
-Topshop. Absolutely fantastic! Very painful exchange rate.
-Go to the National Gallery and see The Arnolfini PortraitThree Wise Men.

Hey, at least they warn you.

They get their own traffic light.

Changing of the guard.

Kensington High Street

Alice in Wonderland.

It was springtime!
Roar!! At Henry VIII's palace.

Okay, I'm singing the Mary Poppins song in my head.
Wiksten in London!
More photos on flickr.


katrina said...

what a great trip! i love the alice in wonderland trees. i've been thinking about going on a trip with my school, this has really got me excited!

Anna Allen said...

Aw, I miss London! I went a few years ago only for about a week, but it was a lot of fun. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. :)

Stephanie said...

Those alice in wonderland trees are craaaazy! Glad you had a good trip! My friend is moving to London so now I have an excuse to go! Did you end up getting anything at topshop?

erin said...

welcome back! looks like an awesome trip. and an unrelated question: is it still freezing in manitoba? i'm going to winnipeg next week and am just realizing i probably have nothing warm enough to wear...

erica-knits said...

I totally recommend school trips, they're an experience in themselves. I did end up with a pair of shoes from topshop in the end I should have just bought more and paid it off later, but oh well!

Erin: It is getting warmer, but it is definitely colder than BC. Pack a decent jacket. Today was only -5, which is a huge improvement from Tuesday's -29. No joke. To stay warm here I always layer, especially my tights, 2 pairs on cold days. Hats, scarves, and mittens should suffice. Make sure you bring all three, or at least mittens.

erin said...

yikes, thanks for the tips Erica! i just checked the weather and it looks like it might be around the -5 to -10 mark on the weekend, which i should be able to handle (i'm from Ontario, after all)... but the two tights idea is genius! and i'll definitely pack lots of woolly accessories. thanks again!

jenny said...

hey, you adorable wiksten spokes-model! your trip looks like it was so much fun! i'm glad it went so well. i really looks like the time of your life. i still can't get over that mugging sign.

mind the gap! : )

Kate said...

Hehe, the's so true! And as for Topshop, I used to go to univeristy right by there, it was definitely dangerous on the bank account!

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