Kira's Cupcakes

Monday, 14 January 2008

Kira's Cupcakes Box Closed, originally uploaded by erica_knits.

These are cupcakes I made for my friend Kira's birthday last Saturday. It was all about the box. Note the out of place cupcake it is a Shazam symbol. It was decorated by my boyfriend, Luke.
Everyone thought the cupcakes were store bought just because of the box. Which is a Wilton cupcake box that I bought at Bulk Barn in Winnipeg when I was there last Thursday for a yarn sale and to pick up Luke. The birthday party was a great deal of fun. I brought over a great wine called Asti. It is a sparkling white wine from the Asti region of Italy. The reason I found it was because I asked the man at the Liquor Mart (all Manitoban Liquor is sold in specific government run Liquor Marts) what wine would go best with cupcakes. Strange looks aside he knew what he was taking about!


tiffany... said...

that cupcake box is amazing... and so are those cupcakes! kira is a lucky birthday gal!
erica... i am so going to buy a pair of your mittens... i'll shamelessly promote you all over my blog... and you can plug your shop all you want! your mittens are so great! my hands are already excited to get in them!
one hundred years of solitude is one of my absolute favorite books! i read it nearly every year! enjoy! it's so magical...

erica-knits said...

Thank you Tiffany! That means so much. I'm really getting into that book but it keeps getting interrupted by my darn school books. *pout*

MC said...

I definitely need to get one of those cupcake boxes. That looks so useful and it keeps the cupcakes looking pretty! I have a cake carrier which is ok most of the time.

K said...

and the cupcakes were also very good...along with the wine. I stole the box from her. haha.

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