Dude Style

Thursday, 3 January 2008


Luke, Pike/Pine, Knitalatte11, The Sart, Hel Looks.
I love men's style. While they have less pieces to work with, these guys (and ornaments) all make up for it with exciting textures and accessories. Thanks to these guys I'm in a real lumberjack phase, I'm into buffalo plaid flannel, hunter wellies, wool sweaters, and beards.
Speaking of guys, Luke just introduced me to the board game Settlers of Catan which is so much fun. Also, it is really hard, I lost the two rounds we played very badly.

UPDATE: Yay Elly! Go here and read this.


tiffany... said...

that's so funny...clayton just introduced me to the very same settlers of catan! unfortunately, the cards weren't in the box when we got it so we read the directions until we got a replacement. we have yet to play... i'm a little nervous because i hate losing! yikes!
i love the dudes! i, too... am so stuck on flannel and buffalo plaid and wellies... i love it! (it's also kind of a la my so called life... just different plaids!)
have a lovely evening and stay warm!

tonpetiteoiseau said...

Tiffany, it is an amazing game and I am getting better. I have yet to win though.. *sigh* My biggest tip is to always build the longest road. Buy roads whenever possible!

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