Friday, 28 December 2007

My very first soft trees were a success! I was so happy to finally get the time to make them. I ended up making two sets for gifts. It was a wonderful Christmas full of friends and family, and Apples to Apples (the best party game I've ever played!). I was the recipient of some awesome gifts: an I-Pod Shuffle (the belt clip is great), High-waisted skirts in asphalt, cranberry, and brown, and Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted gifts to mention a few!

What was your favorite part of the holidays? Favorite gift?


tiffany... said...

those trees are so cute!
i have the same high wasted skirt... in asphalt and green! i love them!
my favorite part of the holidays... when the whole family thing slowed down and my mom, sister and i watched the christmas episode of my so called life. and... my favorite gift... pinking sheers and the weekend knitting book and lots of target and h&m gift cards! not to mention all the chocolate my family consumes!
so glad your christmas was a good one! have a lovely new year's eve!

Luke in Progress said...

My cousin and aunt both commented about the trees today.
My cousin even went as far as to say(and before she knew you made them also) that those were the type of nice christmas thing she would buy.
I like them.

denise said...

Aww your tree's are the most adorable tree's I've ever seen :)! Makes me wish I would have made some for Christmas too. Next Year!

e said...

lovely soft trees!
my favorite part of christmas was making gingerbread and spiced whipped cream.

tonpetiteoiseau said...

Tiffany: It sounds like you had a great holiday! Yes I'm loving those skirts as well. Return of the high waist, I say!

Denise: Thank you, I bet you could still make some tree in less festive fabric for all year round.

e: Yum! Spiced whip cream sounds great!

erin said...

aww, cute trees! i made some plaid ones that turned out nicely too. and i'm also a huge fan of Apples to Apples - that might just be how we ring in the new year, in fact!

Stephanie said...

cute! nice work. i never ended up finishing mine!

tonpetiteoiseau said...

Erin: I'm glad you're an Apple to Apples fan. I hope it made for a fun New Years Eve! Plaid trees would be really cute.

Stephanie: project for next year? Well of course you didn't you were off having too much fun in Paris!

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