Outfit Inspiration #3

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

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In the Nylon Dec/Jan 2006 issue there was an article called the Big Chill by Eviana Hartman and it dealt with the unattractiveness of winter wear. The stylist Nicky Coan created these amazing ensembles that make me (almost) wish winter was year-round. It was these pictures that made me fall in love with mixing textures: delicate and soft knits with tough wool plaid. Every since this spread I'm hooked on recreating these looks. I would say they are the biggest influence of my personal style, and represent my day to day look.
I was so excited when I saw the APC fall 07 collection because one outfit could have jumped right out of the magazine. They've got a plaid jacket, white dress, and wool scarf. I thought they were marketing just to me!
-Grey jacket, or Duffel coat
-Shorts in tweed or white
-Hunter wellies
-White sweater, yeah I really like this one
-Plaid shirt (under white sweater)
-Tights and socks
-Hand knit mittens. I have no shame. :P


e said...

i love these looks in theory, but then i check the weather, grudgingly pull on some long underwear, thick wool socks, and lumber out to face the cold.

i wish i could pull off these different textures and lengths. i'd love to see how these outfits work in real life. the last time i wore a short skirt, wool tights and boots, i couldn't feel my legs after 15 minutes!

erin said...

ha, that's totally my uniform right now too - just about every day i wear a dress with woolly tights, an oversized plaid wool jacket, and a big scarf. luckily it's not that cold in Vancouver so we can get away without actual pants!

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