Outfit Inspiration #1

Thursday, 13 December 2007

I saw this image of Ashely Olsen on Who What Wear Daily's winter fashion post and I fell in love. So I've decided to do a series on my favorite outfits, trying to break them down and give suggestions on similar items if possible.
What really caught my eye at first was the bright purple blazer and its fur trim. It looks amazing with her blond hair, and to be honest is my favorite color. I really love blazers paired with casual attire. The second thing that really stands out for me is her gray cashmere sweater, it looks cozy and comfortable. The muted colors of her sweater and pants really let the jacket pop. I know she lives in a warmer climate so the sandals work, but I would have chosen some comfy boots!
Approximations of the look:
One bright purple jacket
One gray cashmere sweater (Canadians try this one!)
Black satin skinny pants
Brown Sandals


jenny said...

that's such a cool idea for a post, and you did it so nicely. i love that outfit too. also loving your new hat, and those mitten cookies are making me very hungry! i'm trying to stay away from things like that right now, because i've been diagnosed with a vitamin deficiency (i wasn't kidding about that). all i can eat are stupid vegetables! : (

tonpetiteoiseau said...

Oh no! Just vegetables?! I shudder to think of it, except steamed broccoli is yummy. My mom always thinks I have a iron deficiency because I'm so pale, alas I just don't get a lot of winter sun. Sorry about tempting you with mitten cookies I tried to think of possible vitamins they might contain but none came up. :( I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

Jessica said...

I have to say I love the combinations of colors and textures in this outfit. She looks quite good.


katrina said...

i also LOVE this outfit. if you are lucky enough to view the close ups her makeup is copy worthy as well.

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