Mittens on the Brain

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

My mitten knitting spree has now crossed over in to my baking:

I've become obsessed. I keep thinking up knew color combinations, and after Christmas I'm thinking of creating some new patterns to possibly sell on Etsy. Does anyone have any tips for Etsy selling? They would be greatly appreciated!
Here they are so far:
I love the colors of the newest pair.
Also since I've been checking out Etsy so much lately here are some of my favorites!
Bloesem's Pink Collection
Number Twenty-three

Crochet Coasters. They sold out already, but just take a moment
to appreciate their beauty.

A Baker's Dozen from Shim + Sons

My Folk Lover
Up in Trees Print
Ok I'm biased because they're already on my wall. A great pal gave them to me, she is so clever. This weekend I discovered a write up about the artist in my Australian Frankie magazine.On my wall. Apparently I framed them backwards, but I liked
how the trees joined up, so I left it.


Stephanie said...

i love bloesem's necklaces too! i noticed them when she linked to her vietnamese table cloths (which i love too) i'm totally addicted to etsy!

Stephanie said...

also, you should definitely sell those mittens on etsy! they'd sell like hot-cakes! they're adorable.

tiffany... said...

i love everything in this post! thanks erica for sharing all the goodness!

tonpetiteoiseau said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Tiffany! I really enjoying posting so it's nice to hear that you enjoy reading them.

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