Another year almost over.....

Sunday, 30 December 2007

So about 24 hours before my last Christmas gift becomes a New Year's present. This scarf needs just one more foot! Then it's onto a cowl, finally! I'm reading a great book on Scandinavian knitting patterns from the 70s and gathering up new ideas for mittens.

For now I'm just reading your blogs and checking out photos on flickr.
Here are a collection of my favorite recent finds:
1. Knit wreaths, too bad next Christmas is a year away.
2. Bearded guys. Crawford is my favorite. Ashleyg is amazing.
3. Cupcakes and one wicked icing recipe.
Word to the wise, a half batch of the icing is more than enough.
4. An old post about an impromptu birthday party. That Sally Shim is
a talented lady.
5. Party drawings by Megan Whitmarsh.
6. A beautiful chunky wool cardigan.
7. A chunky crocheted lace scarf.
8. An awesome gift guide I wish I saw a couple weeks ago.
9. East Village boys from The Sartorialist.


tiffany... said...

i hope you have a very lovely and happy and fun new year's eve!

erica said...

simply olive's sweater is wonderful. hope you have a fun-filled new year's eve!

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