I'm Back!.. and Broke..

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Luke and I in Minneapolis for the Rememberance Day long weekend.
Pictures by my beautiful friend Ali.


la fée said...
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la fée said...

hi !!!! i saw a picture from my blog in yours and i came here to say that i enjoyed tou read tour blog
do you speak french or not?

katrina said...

oh i haven't been able to read blogs in ages! i just caught up on yours, i am so jealous that you are making nordic mittens. i haven't been able to find any in stores. also, i watch gossip girl as well, maybe we could exchange e-mail addresses or screen names to discuss the episodes! i feel like a nerd because i don't know anyone else that watches it!

tonpetiteoiseau said...

la fee: Merci! Oui, je parle un peu de francais. Je suis une anglophone mais j'etudie le francais a ma universite. Je peux lire ton blog et peut-etre je pourrais traduire mon blog en francais a l'avenir! Tu peux ecriver en francais ici, si tu veux.

Katrina: my email is erica.smithm@gmail.com
Did you watch tonight?! Or wait, is Gossip Girl on Wednesdays in the US?

juliet said...

Even though you're broke it looks like you had a good time! You're dressed so stylishly :)

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