Finally some snow!

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Ok, really I hate winter. I hate the cold, and the mountain of snow that builds up on my walk to university. However, it does make for a festive environment. Usually by November a thick coating of snow is already on the ground, but today was the first time the snow has stuck! My second pair of mittens is almost done...only 6 more to go for Christmas. Yikes! I'm trying to aim for one finished per week and then I should be ok.
Yet, in an attempt to stay warm all I can think of is knitting myself a ski sweater!
I found this pattern in Vogue Thick Knits which I found at the local library's annual book sale. It is definitely a possibility, after the mittens of course.
I'm not the only one that is into Ski Sweaters right now:
Lula Issue 5
Lucky December 2007

Moderniteter September 2007

Yesterday while checking out Refinery29 I drooled profusely when I found this cardigan. It is exactly what I am looking for. I'm still killing myself for not going in and buying one I saw in a Minneapolis thrift store window.
But in the meantime I have this one:
Can you tell I'm obsessed?


tiffany... said...

thanks for sharing all those gorgeous warm sweaters! i want!
your mittens are so lovely! you make me want to knit some up...!

tonpetiteoiseau said...

Oh do knit up some mittens! They are lots of fun. I'm glad you enjoyed the sweaters Tiffany.

Vistiendo a Candela said...

It looks warm!!!!

Luke in Progress said...

Funny thing about obsessions with knitted sweaters, its as if it were one step away from crazy cat throwing old lady.

Kent said...


Those lucky chunkies might be a little too much?

The fair isle/snowflake sweater is great, but the giant cabled sweater is a tad too bulbous :)

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