Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Things to Be Thankful for:
1. A Wonderful family, boyfriend, and friends.
2. A Trip to look forward to in November with Luke and Alison.
3. To be knitting a new scarf, and new patterns to look forward too.
4. Nylon's Girls issue, and peanut butter rosebud cookies.
5. My new job as an assistant librarian.
6. Long weekends.
7. Andy Warhol at the WAG.
8. A friend's new line for Spring. (website coming soon!)

What are you thankful for?


Natalie Schaefer said...

Hi there! Thanks for the comment on my blog (random inspiration). I'd love to share some info about MPLS with you for your upcoming visit. Do you have an email address I could reach you at? Thanks!

Luke in Progress said...

The idea of owning a wacom tablet for christmas.
Bikes with out breaks.
Exclamation marks.
Lightning bolts.
Lightning bolt exclamation marks.
.3 width pigment liner pens.
Cold Cafe Kahlua drinks.
Free wireless.
Black jackets.
White leather shoes.
DC Comics.
Cartoon Network.
New Music.
Stuffing from a box.

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