Wednesday, 24 October 2007

I've been inspired by Jenny to attempt to post everyday until the end of November. It is quite a lofty goal considering the papers I have to write during this time, but it will be my break from them. Today I took my camera with me to work to photograph this cute diner, that advertises with a white board in an effort to take more pictures.. unfortunately I can't share them with you yet because I work with a film SLR.
I received the most wonderful compliment today from a professor would told me she thought I was a very talented writer. It is compliments like that, from people whom I admire that really make my day.
The most exciting news however came in an email from my friend Janet, who's website is finally up and running. Janet and I met during the summer I studied styling at Ryerson University in Toronto. (They have the best fashion design program in Canada, and only 4 year university degree) We were staying in the same dorms, and one night we both stumbled out of our rooms bawling over the second season finale of Grey's Anatomy.
Please check out her beautiful Spring 2008 Collection:


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