Bookstores and one mitten.

Monday, 29 October 2007

One mitten is almost complete! Yes!

I'm on my way to school and in a rush, so this will be short. One of my favorite magazine articles ever was published in Nylon years ago, and about the Shakespeare and Company Bookstore in Paris. One day I would love to visit! It even has its own Flickr group!


juliet said...

Now I want to go there too... and it has a cat, i love bookshops with cats. The mitten looks good!

a. said...

hi, i just found your blog. s&c is a nice bookstore but personally i find it somewhat annoying during the day when it gets really crowded with people and tourists. it opens until 12am so it gets a lot better in the evening. there are several other english bookstores around paris that are just as stocked with books (also very cozy and charming) that aren't as frequented and i prefer those more simply b/c they aren't as wellknown and you feel like you have the shop all to yourself. :-)

tonpetiteoiseau said...

Good point a. I never really thought about that. Well when I do get to Paris one day, I will heed your advice! thanks

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