Friday, 24 August 2007

Mmm, these are my favorite breakfast pastry in the world. They are addictive with their cinnamin and sugar coating.
On Saturday, I'm off to the capitol for the first time ever! I'll be back next Friday. I thought I'd leave you with a yummy recipe. (click on pictures to enlarge) Enjoy!


craftynerdmoni said...

i hope you're having a blast in Ottawa!! i miss you lots and have printed out the scuffles recipe to make on Sunday morning! I'm going to be making a quilt! a QUILT! i'm so excited about it!

katrina said...

oh i know! those dresses look SO fun to wear, especially the first one. how it moves! i wish i could buy some. there are no prices listed.
i started college two weeks ago, it's nice so far :) hard to get used to. i am taking english and composition, poetry and sociology.

Luke in Progress said...

Oh wow, I'm surprised that you released this trade secret to the world.

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