Monday, 13 August 2007

My take on the Prada clutch. It may not be leather, but she is beautiful. I have an addiction to herringbone patterns, and this one has glittery gold thread running through it .

Also more journal:
Grey Grey Grey


Di said...

The pradaish bag is great as is all the grey in the journal - we've hardly had a summer here so I am already thinking about my autumn wardrobe and I love some of the ideas here.

katrina said...

i love that bag.
i love the prada one too, but yours is so nice.
i'm a fan of herringbone myself.

katrina said...

if you ever decide to make and sell those i would buy one! ;)
yes, i did read history of love, i LOVED it. so far man walks into a room is really good. i didn't even know the book existed actually, but i'm glad it does. you should check it out.

Erica B. said...

Very cute... love the bag. I want to make one in suede.

Found you in the closet said...

oh, love the prada bag!

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