Off to the Opera

Thursday, 19 July 2007

My friend Monica and I had recently gotten out of the habit of our weekly knitting sessions due to the summer heat, but this week we came back full force. We worked so hard to make our knitting date that we biked in a freak thunderstorm, and with one very very flat tire. Of course, the rain ended as soon as we walked into the cafe.
I've fallen in love with the Opera Gloves on the fall runways, so I had to knit a pair of my own. Well almost a pair, just one for now. I'm already planning that my next pair will be grey with a cable running down the center.

It's made out of my favorite fiber, alpaca!
Underneath the glove is my new wool to enventually be constructed into a Built by Wendy Jacket, and a wrap jacket.

I'm slowly working on the jumper dress (top right) in grey wool.


craftynerdmoni said...

the tire is still flat. RIP dear tire for you were a great tire.

can't wait to see that jumper!

jenny said...

talk about committed crafting! i'm super impressed with your glove. i think knitting is really hard. some day i hope to spend more time on it and get better. anyone who can sew and knit is superwoman in my book. good luck with the jumper--looks like it will be really cute!

Luke Tokaryk said...

I like that "lover" tee, can we get you one of those?
Better yet, can we get me one of those?

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