Eight Random Things.....

Saturday, 14 July 2007

I was tagged to write eight random things about myself by Jenny, so here goes:

1. I am a trained lifeguard and swimming instructor. I only worked as a lifeguard for about a year due to long hours, indoors, and turns out, chlorine reacts badly with my skin.(The pay however, was nothing to complain about) Despite all that I still love to teach swimming lessons part-time for my local swim team. Oh yeah, I also swam competitively for three years but all the ribbons I have say 4th or 5th place, haha, I was too small.

2. I have one sister, Kara, who is six years younger than I am. She is a gifted musician who plays the french horn, piano, and a bass guitar. Oh and she is beautiful.

3. My dad is allergic to dogs and cats, so the only pets I've had were fish and hamsters. Once, I had a bottom feeder fish who sucked all the algae off the tank, and when there wasn't enough algae, he sucked the life out of all my fish. I remember they all had hickies as they floated at the top of the tank one morning. It was quite tragic.

4. I'm soon to be a third year university student, majoring in history and minoring in French. Sometimes I wish I could hurry this degree up so I can apply for a master's in curatorial studies. Besides all my dreams of owning a shop, and designing clothing, I really want to curate a museum.

5. My love for museums may have come from family vacations. My family and I have never been to any amusement parks, but I have seen many upon many art galleries and museums. My favorites have been the Musee des Beaux Arts in Montreal, and the Field Museum in Chicago. But I have yet to see the MET or MOMA in New York.

6. I have an obsession with the show So You Think You Can Dance. I cried when Jesus was cut. I think Sabra and Dominic are so adorable, and Pasha and Sara's swing dance was amazing this week!

7. I have never been to Ottawa, Canada's capitol city. However, my flights are now booked for the end of summer!

8. My boyfriend has a blog, too!

Thanks Jenny for the tag, but you were right, these were really hard to think of.


Luke Tokaryk said...

I was really worried I was going to learn some thing new about you.
My worry was all for not.

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