Gingham on the brain thanks to Mizutamago

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

I can't get this dress by Mizutamago out of my head!
Note: at the top of my scrapbook page "Built by Mizutamago" is written, of course I'm giving her credit!

Listening: Les Plastiscines, via Nylon's Music Issue... I love french Pop, especially when I understand it.


carolyn said...


thanks for the props!
I've never heard of Twinkle By Wenlan, amazing stuff, so inspiring!

Your blog is lovely, can't wait to see how your plaid dress turns out!!

jenny said...

i really like your journal/inspiration pages. i wish i did stuff like that, but i'm way too lazy. love the plaid alice ritter dress! i might have to "copycat" that one. i'm doing a swap with carolyn, and i should make it for her. thanks for the idea!

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