First Blog and Boyfriend Visit

Sunday, 10 June 2007

I've wanted to start this blog for quite awhile now seeing as other blogs are a constant source of inspiration to me. I chose the name copycat because I'm constantly searching for inspiration, most often fashion related and I wanted to share what I find inspiring. Being a "copycat" is not about replicating, but to me, it is about being inspired by others to create on my own.

My boyfriend just recently moved to a new city which is not too far away so last Saturday I drove in to visit. It was such a wonderful day, which started off with gelato, yum! It was an amazing day, and to top off the visit I made some great shopping finds!

I have been searching everywhere for circular sprinkles, and they had been impossible to find, until I visited Bulk Barn.. I think I'm in love.

A new summer dress, I love purple, I think it's one of my favorites,
and this dress is just so easy to wear.

Some great new plaid fabric, so now I have to choose which dress pattern it will become!
I was inspired to make a plaid dress by this talented girl!

These are my favorite magazines on shelfs right now:
Lula -Editor-in-chief Leith Clark is Canadian! Yay, and it's just amazing.
Paris Vogue Collections Vol. 4- A gift from my wonderful boyfriend
Russh- A great magazine from Australia, I'm in love with the clean layout and its constant referal to past trends and icons like Bridgette Bardot.


Luke Tokaryk said...

"My boyfriend just recently moved to a new..."
Thats ME!..
...or you're cheating on me.
In which case I have some teeth to knock out.
I hope its not the last one.

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